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About Frederic Block

Few words about the author and his life..He was appointed United States District Judge for the Eastern District of New York on September 29, 1994, and entered duty on October 31, 1994. He assumed senior status on September 1, 2005. He received a bachelor’s degree from Indiana University in 1956 and an LLB degree from Cornell Law School in 1959.

Authored Books
DISROBED, (2012)
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Race to Judgment

A Gripping Legal Thriller explores the gritty world of Brooklyn's criminal justice system


Hear what people have to say about the book
“Reads with the pace of a whip crack. Judge Block knows this world cold. Take the plunge.”
David Baldacci David Baldacci #1 New York Times best-selling author
“With heroes and villains as boldly drawn as the tabloid headlines, Race to Judgment provides a thrill ride through the bad not-so-old days of the Brooklyn justice system.”
Ron Kuby Ron Kuby Criminal defense and civil rights lawyer
“Race to Judgment is a riveting thriller about truth and justice, from a courtroom pro who has viewed the bench from both sides.”
Linda Fairstein Linda Fairstein New York Times best-selling author
“Block’s Race to Judgment is the inside skinny on the justice system from a man who lives it every day, but it’s the story that shines. Read and enjoy.”
Reed Farrel Coleman Reed Farrel Coleman New York Times best-selling author of What You Break
“Judge Block’s Race to Judgment is a gripping page-turner with the added virtue of realism. I devoured it in a weekend, and I suspect you will do the same.”
David Lat David Lat Founder of and Author of Supreme Ambitions
“An impactful crime drama. And the music is a joy. Hearing Judge Block sing his songs had me smiling all the way through.”
James Barbour James Barbour Broadway star, The Phantom of the Opera

Frederic Block

Race to Judgment is a work of “reality fiction” that takes a hard look at the seething racial tensions and political corruption in New York City


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