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Book Lionizes Crusading New York D.A. Kenneth Thompson

On New Year’s Day in 2014, Kenneth Thompson made history by becoming the first African-American district attorney of the New York borough of Brooklyn.

However, by that time, Thompson had grown accustomed to making history and became a voice for the voiceless and the man looked upon by many New Yorkers as a mediator of the oft-volatile relationship between law enforcement and minorities.

Senior Judges fill the void left by Rampant Vacancies

When older federal judges step down from active duty in the Western District of Pennsylvania, chances are they’re not headed straight to the golf course or the mild weather of Florida. Chances are, they’re headed back to the courtroom instead.

The Pittsburgh-based court is one of many around the nation that finds itself relying on the work of senior-status judges to get through the lean times hitting the bench. Nearly 150 judgeships in the lower courts are vacant, almost three times as many as there were..

5Pointz Decision Receives Media Attention

From the elevated 7-train, millions of people passing through Long Island City, Queens, could spot the massive warehouses. Five stories high, the buildings took up most of a city block. But that’s not the only reason the complex was hard to miss.

Race to Judgment Celebrtation

Philanthropist Dianne Bernhard celebrated the launch of Judge Frederic Block’s new book, Race to Judgement on October "Race to Judgement" 25 at the 21 Club alongside high profile friends including WABC’s Rob Kuby, NBC News 4 New York’s Sarah Wallace, lawyers Benjamin Brafman, Joe Tacopina, Gerald (Jerry) Schrager and Douglas Wigdor and the evenings hosts, Steve and Suzanne Kalafer.

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Frederic Block on NBC

The I-Teams's Sarah Wallace speaks with Frederic Block about his book "Race to Judgement" and city's judicial system.

Watch the video Here.


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